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About Quality Control Department, PI Industries Ltd.

PI Industries was founded in 1946 and has a proven record of recognizing fresh possibilities and positioning leadership through innovative customer solutions. Their vision is "Through confidence, we will be at the forefront of science–leading the way through creative alternatives." PI Industry works in all our businesses with the honesty of intent, sincerity, and fairness. They are constantly transforming like water and are very sensitive to change. They operate quickly and agile like a fire in the manner they observe, think and behave, always working with velocity. The steady search for a better, newer manner to do stuff is a never-ending search. Innovation is for them a way of life. PI is dedicated to conducting its operations with the utmost diligence and achieving the greatest level of environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence. The significance of EHS as part of the culture is continuously highlighted and widely promoted. The EHS policy governs and shows the actions needed for both staff and communities to guarantee a secure and tidy working atmosphere. They are aimed at the greatest world standards in plant design, choice of materials, maintenance and activities. The EHS policy is your commitment to the secure and environmentally conscious manufacture of products.